Artist Describes Shen Yun as Uplifting and Spiritual

April 1, 2017

“It’s spiritual, uplifting, colorful, beautiful. [The] movements and choreography — putting it together with digital backgrounds — [is] very clever!”

“I like the fan dances (“Yellow Blossoms”), I like the umbrella dance (“Umbrellas”), and I like the drum dance (“Tibetan Drums”). It’s an interesting use of percussion, use of the fans, and umbrellas — nice props. They work together [and] make something beautiful.”

“I like the values of Falun Dafa — for freedom — and I think this is somewhat of a protest for what is happening in China, with communism. I am glad they are able to restore the traditional dances, highlight the contemporary issues of China and Chinese people. … I am happy for this production.”