Art Director Thankful Shen Yun Is Preserving Traditional Chinese Culture

April 10, 2017

“It is very interesting to see such a wide range of Chinese culture. It is a very large country. Being able to see pieces from all over the country representing the different cultural groups in China is really fascinating. To see some of the similarities and to see the things that make each ethnic group unique is really beautiful.”


“One of the things that I love is how the stories from Chinese culture and mythology is woven into the stories of the dance. These moments where the mythology that’s playing out on the giant screen in the background is interacting with the dancers on stage is magic.” 


“As an American, we have a very short history compared to China. To have [Shen Yun]  preserving that culture and allowing us to see it is really a wonderful thing—we are really happy we were able to see it today.”