Art Collaborator Enjoys Shen Yun’s Journey

January 30, 2017

“You can’t really fully imagine what [Shen Yun] entails being all together until you really see it. So lovely. It’s so colorful and beautiful.”

The [“Child’s Choice”] dance about the orphanage situation and just finding their true selves, it was really emotional to think that it wasn’t available to be seen in China, but we’re viewing it here all from different colors, races, and parents and past orphans but still continuing the journey. It was beautiful. Just a touching, sad, cheerful, happy, all of it.”

“I think that we all from different cultures see the divine in such different ways. I think there was just an ability to sit without a judgment to realize that there is such a call to every person to see the divine in the way that they see it and to just enjoy the experience as it’s presented.”