Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Conductor Finds Shen Yun Fantastic, Grasping and Magnetic

January 1, 2018

“[The music] is fantastic. I think it’s very well performed. It’s evocative, beautiful music and I’m very impressed with the orchestra, and just the general production quality is fantastic.”

“In general I’m just very impressed. I think the choreography is amazing, the execution is just fantastic, it’s grasping, it’s magnetic, it has a great deal of appeal. I know my whole family has really enjoyed it and I think the musicians are superlative in their phenomenal performance.”

“I’ve loved everything I’ve seen so far … The opening sequence, it just brings you into the stage, it pulls you in. And I’ve enjoyed it very much.”

“I think that the whole production, I mean, when you look at the quality of the costumes, and the choreography, and the scenery, it’s all unique kind of, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The pacing is tight, it’s beautiful I mean it’s just a very well run presentation.”

“First time [seeing Shen Yun] … Heard lots of good things about it from all over the world, and I’ve known people in the production before, good friends. And one of my assistant conductors is a former Shen Yun conductor actually so. It’s taken me a long time to see it but I’m so glad on New Years Day I was able to bring my family to see it.”

“I mean I see so much, especially as a type of professional, I’m looking at the choreography, and the musical influences—where you see some of the inspiration and the cultural influences that have gone into the decisions of making how they programmed the dance. And they are kind of universal ideas and appeal, I mean there is an athleticism and gymnastic quality to things as well, that’s impressive. And I just enjoyed it very much.”