Anglers Warn Tourists, Catch Sharks to Prove It

By Daniel He
Daniel He
Daniel He
January 12, 2016 Updated: January 12, 2016

A father and son duo, Anthony and Chris Micallef, have been catching sharks at tourist hotspots to warn people of the dangers lurking in the water. However, it doesn’t seems like their efforts are having much of an impact.

The two Port Macquarie shark hunters were fishing for sharks at a popular tourist spot called Hastings Rivers, in New South Wales, Australia. Many tourists go there to swim and water-ski. 

Chris Micallef, 22, claims he caught four sharks in the exact same spot for a few weeks now and that nine more get away. 

On Jan. 9, the Micallefs fought tooth and nail for two hours with a 10-foot 550 lb bull shark and posted a photo of their catch on Facebook. The shark was caught just a few feet from the popular tourist spot. 

The shark was soon released by the younger Micallef, who mentioned that although there have been numerous shark catches recently, most people have not taken the warning seriously. 

“You don’t expect to see it where people are skiing and swimming, there’s a holiday area right there,” said Chris Micallef told the Daily Mail.

“It was big, too big and we had to push him back in, but it was the fourth shark in two weeks I’ve caught, I’ve lost nine too. I’ve even seen dogs playing in there, I think people need to be aware they are there.”


This particular catch comes a few weeks after another angler Dennis Rivers reeled in a huge bull shark spanning more than 11-feet and weighing about 550 pounds.

After catching, the sharks were released back into the Hastings River. 

Daniel He