Amazing Technicality and Dedication Witnessed in Shen Yun Dances

February 24, 2018

“This is my first time, but it had a lot more of the historical stories that I really liked. It had a lot of spirituality in it which I really liked.”

“I like the fact that with my faith I could draw the same ideas and strength from it as what they believe and what I believe. I think that faith can be universal, and it seemed like that with this relating to me, so I really enjoyed making that connection.”

“When I was sitting there watching there with my husband, I thought it would be neat to bring our younger children so that they can see another part of life.”

“The soprano was very good, and I enjoyed the song itself. Again that part was spiritual as well, as far as we believe that there’s a higher being that we’re called upon to be good for the Earth and for our society and that we all wind up in the same place at the end, which is Heaven—a higher place when we pass away, and then we’re on this Earth and we suffer a lot of bad. It’s the same throughout the world.”

“I was amazed by all the technicality of their dance—there must have been a lot of hard work that went into that, and I just appreciate the dedication.”