Amazing Bike Routes in Austria

December 8, 2014 Updated: December 8, 2014

If biking through mountains while having a breathtaking history lesson sounds like your idle time, cycling through Austria is your ticket in to this fantasy. This stunning country has bike trails for miles and miles and all are unique, historical, beautiful, and amazing in its own way. Here are just a few of Austria’s amazing cycling trials.

Ringstrasse Route –  Vienna

You will probably have Vienna on your list of places to visit, and what better way to see the beautiful and historical city other than a cycling tour. The Ringstrasse Route will wind you around the magnificent buildings of the city such the peculiar Hundertwasser House. The imperialist and art nouveau design of the buildings are impressive. This trail is a great time to try cycling in Austria for a beginner or even for a pro looking for a warm welcome to the country.

Lake Constance – Vorarlberg

Here you will get to experience more than just Austria, so bring that passport with you! This trail is popular and anyone can see why. You have full advantage of visiting the great cycleways of the neighboring Germany and Switzerland. To make your journey that much more unique and beautiful, you will be cycling alongside Lake Constance. There are plenty of  accommodation in the area to take some time off to enjoy the area. There is also a ferry in some areas to shorten your bike ride if you are in need of a break.

Tauern Cycle Path – Salzburgerland

This scenic route is complete with waterfalls and historical building and ends up in the city of Salzburg. The Tauern Cycle Path starts at Krimmler Waterfalls and along the Rivers Salzach. You will see the Liechtenstein Gorge and Hohenwerfen Castle along the way.

Mozart Cycle Path- Salzburgerland

If you have reached Salzburg and are ready to cycle all around it, literally, take the Mozart Cycle Path. If you haven’t guessed it already, this path is sprinkled with attractions from the famous composer himself, Mozart. There are 450 kilometers to explore if you are up for it. You will go through the Salzburg Lake District via Oberndorf and eventually end up in Bavaria. The path then continues along Lake Chimsee, to Rosenheim and then to Kufstein. After cycling through Bad Reichenhall you will eventually end right back in Salzburg.

Salzkammergut Cycle Way – Upper Austria

This path will be hard to concentrate on since you will have glistening water from the beautiful lakes in the your eyes and a mountainous backdrop in front of you. That will make the 345 kilometer path all that much easier to take on and power through. There are some world-class resorts in the area to treat yourself to when it’s time to take a break.

Römer Bike Path – Upper Austria

For another historical and scenic path to go down, try the Römer Bike Path. You will passthrough Roman times as you bike along these ancient grounds around you. You will connect to the city of Passau which has the idyllic Lake Attersee as it’s feature.

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