Alternative Gift Wrapping for a Green Christmas

Environmental organization Recycle Works says that each year from Thanksgiving to New Years, household waste increases by about 25 percent in the United States, leaving a million tons of garbage in the landfills weekly. 

Here are some ways to cut down the waste when packaging gifts.

1. Try Furoshiki Cloth Wrapping Techniques


2. Use Recycled Paper 

You can reuse a variety of paper types. Magazine pages, newspaper, wallpaper, posters, and more can all make unique wrapping.

Try finding magazine pages that are mostly green and mostly red. You can combine the pages for a Christmas look. Find newspaper sections that suit the gift—the business section for a business planner, for example.

Have a few scraps of wallpaper left over? Try cutting out holiday symbols or pictures from last year’s cards and pasting them on the wallpaper once you’ve wrapped the gift to make the generic pattern holiday-appropriate.

Reuse gift paper from a previous year or give your gifts in a holiday tin or reusable box. 

Stay away from shiny, metallic wrapping paper, as they are not recyclable.

Here are some websites where you can buy wrapping paper made out of recycled materials:
Custom Paper
Fish Lips Paper Designs

Don’t forget to recycle your paper when the gift opening is complete!


3. Use a Durable Bag

BAGGU makes simple, durable, high quality bags in a variety of colors to save material waste. It’s an easy and eco-friendly way to wrap up your gift.

Here’s how:



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