‘Almost As If Going To Heaven’

January 21, 2017

“Everything is so great, it uplifts you. You feel you are flying with them at the same time, you are with them, you are in it, very creative, [as if it’s in a] different dimension.”


“It is a joyful place—almost as if you are going to heaven. It gives you a different feeling. It is not describable. In order to figure that out, you really have to watch it. That is what it is. I cannot describe it.”


“I feel like I am uplifted. Your spirit goes up.”


“It’s excellent. The biggest part is how people come out of the screen [the digital backdrop] and go out [onto the stage]. It really gets you. You are totally surprised. I love it. I’m going to come back.”


“They reflect all the culture of the Chinese, and I love how they do it. I recommend it to everybody.”