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Album Review: Peter Sheppard Skærved and Aaron Shorr – ‘Beethoven Explored Volume 5’

BY Mary Keene TIMEDecember 19, 2013 PRINT

This is the fifth CD in an ambitious series seeking to contrast Beethoven’s violin and piano works with pieces by his contemporaries. Sheppard Skærved is his usual imperturbable self, showing off the beauty of his instrument skilfully and with a sure sensitivity. In comparison Shorr is less so, the piano being at times a little heavy and lacking clarity. Even the programme notes and CD presentation are somewhat clunky. But more irritatingly the question keeps returning, what purpose does the CD serve by adding in the Romberg? It seems only to reinforce what we already know, that though influenced by them in part, Beethoven clearly outshines them all. 

Three stars of out five

Mary Keene
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