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Album Review: Gounod – The Complete Works for Pedal Piano and Orchestra

BY Mary Keene TIMEDecember 19, 2013 PRINT

Any recording dedicated to an instrument as obscure as the pedal piano seems destined to head straight to the back of the ‘awkward’ shelves. However Prosseda does well in sourcing Gounod, an accessible composer for any level of listener. Delightfully delicate, sunny, and clear the piano steams along at a lively pace, showcasing the fundamentals of Romanticism at which Gounod excels. Played quite masterfully by Prosseda, the only rather sad thing is that the pedal piano really has little discernible special effect and thus neither particularly enhances nor mars the music. A pleasurable listen, then, if not the ground-breaking work one expected. 

Four stars out of five

Mary Keene
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