Album Review: Funki Porcini — ‘Up’

May 9, 2010 Updated: September 29, 2015
Epoch Times Photo

Funki Porcini seems hardwired into Ninja Tune’s history, so it’s a shame that with this fifth album he hasn’t delivered something better for the illustrious label. A bizarre jokey version of “Moon River” opens proceedings but from here on in it’s not so much funky as downbeat. Often beatless, there are dark sound-scapes aplenty, with rattling jazz piano livening up “Belisha Becon” before the aptly named “Undermud” disperses reverby drums underneath a rather dull synth loop. In fact dull is the order of the day across the album, from the haphazard piano-led “The 3rd Man” to the hideous jazz noodling on “Bright Little Things.”


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