Album Review: Dadahack – ‘Tap3’

May 8, 2010 Updated: September 24, 2019

I was going to state that this album is pretentious—from the band’s name to the format it’s delivered in—an MP3 player masquerading as a C90 cassette. But then one of Dadahack spotted my glib pronouncement on Twitter and told me it’s “serious”. So serious it is. Its influences range from Orbital to New Order, so we get synthy trancey techno and plenty of swooshy wibbly noises. And some of it is quite tuneful, like the low slung electro of ‘Burnt Fox’. There’s always an ear for musical progression—something often lacking in dance music— and the production is undeniably imaginative. But this is dance music made with a kind of chin-stroking objectivity. It’s too “serious” for its own good.

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