Adventure Experience in Puerto Rico Rainforest (Video)

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Soar through the tropical El Yunque National Rainforest on a zip-line adventure in northeastern Puerto Rico. This rainforest is located on the slopes of the Sierra de Luquillo mountains.

El Yunque National Forest is known also as the Caribbean National Forest but the original name is El Yunque, which may be attributed to either a Spanish approximation of the aboriginal Taíno word yu-ke which means “white lands”, or the word “anvil,” which is yunque in Spanish.

The forest region was established in 1876 by the King Alfonso XII of Spain. Its is one of the oldest reserves in the Western Hemisphere with over 240 species of trees and the massive Red Tail Hawk.

The climate in El Yunque National Forest is typically tropic which means no distinct wet or dry season. It rains all year round. The temperature and daylight remains constant throughout the year.

Puerto Rico rainforest is characterized by its vegetation that cannot be found anywhere else just here and is home of various animals especially neotropical frogs.

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