Adjunct Professor Finds Shen Yun ‘Elegant and Exquisite’

May 6, 2018

“The whole show was very creative and beautiful, elegant and exquisite.”

“[The dancers are] very professional, very well trained, so obviously they have great spirit, and they show that in their dance. It’s very exuberant, very enthusiastic, and they appear to love what they are doing.”

“The music is wonderful. It’s a combination. … The musicians are wonderful—marvelous musicians.”

“I feel elevated [by the music], I feel very exuberant myself, lifted up. Very good, very uplifting.”

“There’s great diversity in what [Shen Yun artists] create. Some is very spiritual and uplifting, some is very funny and slapstick, so all of the dancers, all of the performers, are wonderful.”

“The soprano singer has a beautiful soprano voice. I think she is singing something kind of deep. People have different spiritual appreciation. … That is her belief and that is done very beautifully. Music can be uplifting regardless of the message, but she had a very good message of peace and joy, and that is what I gather from the entire performance. It’s joyful and very happy, so it’s a very wonderful experience.”

“It’s just beautiful. [The dances are] very meaningful, they tell a story. Each one of these presentations tells a story. Sometimes it’s funny, but sometimes it’s uplifting, but always well done, always professionally done. … They’ve performed beautifully.”