Actress Says Shen Yun Just Blew Me Away

April 9, 2017

“I had a really good time. It was quite beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like that before. So that was great to see something from a different culture, and [I] celebrate that.”

“The umbrella dance, and the rose—the flower dances, and the lotus dance.Those were the parts where I was really blown away, just because the whole visual image was incredible. But obviously the skill of the dancers was a really huge highlight as well.”

“It is the precision, and the elegance. It’s quite inspiring to see people move so precisely and capably. And with such elegance and beauty.”

“I really enjoyed the spirituality of it—it was subtle and meaningful.”

“The soprano just blew me away. Her lung capacity and projection was just incredible. I could see that there was like a lot of emotional punch in the lyrics as well. She’s incredibly talented.”

“[I gained a] little bit more of an understanding of what Chinese classical dance is—lots of joy, it was beautiful. Also I was really interested in how the emcee’s explained how some of the gymnastic moves actually derived from Chinese traditional dance. So I feel educated, and that’s a really nice feeling.”

“It’s visually spectacular and quite unlike anything else I’ve seen.”