Actress Feels Blessed to See Shen Yun

December 29, 2016

“I’m so blessed that we got to come tonight. We traveled from the mountains of Yosemite down here. And it’s breathtaking, and it’s spontaneously magical, … such unique sounds and movements, and I’m in awe. I’m enthralled.”


“When you watch the dancers’ faces, I think the youthful enthusiasm you see, I’m seeing that they truly love what they do, and if you’re an artist and you’re representing your culture and the history, that’s magic, and I see that on their faces.”


“We were in tears thinking about what they went through, and to stick to what you believe in, it kind of represents what we should be doing today.”


“To expose the youthful enthusiasm for freedom and truth and compassion and tolerance was awesome. I think that speaks to all of our youth too.”