Activity Holiday Ideas Specifically for Teenagers

June 8, 2015 Updated: June 8, 2015

Taking a trip with your teenage children can be difficult especially if you have no idea how to keep the kids preoccupied throughout your family holiday. Older teens do not find their parents ideal companions during travels and holidays either. They may become restless during the holiday if they have nothing entertaining to do. Teenagers are full of energy that can be released in a number of ways. However, there are various activity holidays for teenagers out there and this post aims to give you some ideas on what you can do to ensure your family has a fantastic holiday.

Sports and Adventure Holidays

Various holiday destinations offer an array of sporting adventures. Active teenagers can indulge in canoeing, quad biking and wild camping. The teenagers can be spoilt for choice with a range of activities such as handball, basketball, tennis, golf, trekking and pony-riding. Some holiday destinations may offer facilities such as games room with pool table, pinball and table football as well as air hockey for indoor entertainment.

You can look up any holiday destination that is an ideal spot for your teenagers to have a great mixture of sport and adventure. The destination can be a great location for outdoor activities such as fishing, whitewater rafting, cycling, kayaking, hiking, swimming, bungee jumping, safaris, paintballing, skiing and mountain biking. Moreover, amusement and theme parks are some attractions for teenagers to enjoy active outdoor activities.

Urban and Cultural Holidays

An urban setting may be appealing to teenagers who are into street culture. Holiday destinations that offer the prospect of cheaper clothes, shoes, sunglasses and entertainment devices may be ideal for such teenagers. There are many things to do during an urban holiday. Teenagers can hangout with their peers and have a great time. A city break can include social activities such as pizza evenings and karaoke nights.

The kids may have a natural curiosity for a city especially if the location is famous for movies, TV shows and video games they like to play. Famous landmarks, bus tours, movie tours may be attractive to them. Other activities that can keep the teenagers busy and out of trouble include shopping, dining, sightseeing and live music nights. They can engage in recreational activities such as painting, photography and learning sessions. A plethora of teen-themed theater entertainment, dance, art exhibitions and film screenings can be ideal.

Teens can also learn the history and culture of the people in a city and surrounding areas by visiting the museums and historical sites. The highlights for cultural holidays can include learning about food, festivals, beliefs and traditions. Teenagers can learn fascinating facts about other people’s way of life that is much different to theirs, which can provide a lifetime of memories.

Beach Holidays

Soaking up the sun while enjoying the cool breeze from the waters can be a relaxing way to spend a holiday. Teenagers who enjoy going to the beach can engage in more water sports such as snorkeling, sailing and diving. Walking along the beaches while enjoying the sand on their feet and collect can also be fun. Wild beaches, beach parties, kite surfing, bonfires, forts, authentic villages and deserts can be fascinating to teenagers who enjoy adventurous beach holidays.

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