Abandoned Golden Retriever With 48 Hours to Live is Rescued, Gets Second Chance at Life

October 15, 2020 Updated: October 15, 2020

An abandoned 10-year-old golden retriever has got a new lease of life after it was rescued from “death’s door.” The lucky canine is currently living its best life.

Two years ago, Duncan was just 48 hours away from death when he was found on the streets in Dalaman, Turkey, by a concerned local. The man then reached out to Happy Paws Puppy Rescue’s founder, Lisa Smart, who offered to help the poor dog.

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Duncan when he was found on the streets in Dalaman, Turkey. (Caters News)

Lisa, 53, from Eastbourne, Sussex, said: “I was horrified to see the state he was in—I knew he was on his last legs.”

Explaining Duncan’s predicament further, Lisa said the pooch, whose fur had fallen off and “skin was as hard like a rhino,” had “almost scratched himself to death as he developed a flea allergy.”

Unfortunately, that was not all; Duncan also suffered from a kennel cough along with infections in his eyes and ears with spots on his face, which were itchy and painful.

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(Caters News)

Witnessing Duncan’s lamentable state, Lisa and a set of volunteers at Happy Paws rescue decided to lend a hand to Duncan. The local man then took Duncan to a veterinarian.

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(Caters News)

Happy Paws Puppy rescue is a charity based in the United Kingdom that mainly rescues golden retrievers and some other breeds such as occasional cocker spaniels and English setters from devastating situations, and successfully rehomes them within a family environment. The organization, which runs mainly on donations, tries to help save at least 300 dogs every year, according to its website.

For Duncan, whose back legs were very weak, the charity forked out 1,000 pounds (US$1,301) just for vet bills. After receiving the necessary care, Duncan was fostered by a family in Turkey for a period of four months before he flew over to the UK in June 2018.

Lisa, who absolutely loves the golden retriever breed, developed an instant connection with Duncan and offered to foster him.

“[T]here was something about Duncan—he was one of the worst cruelty cases I have ever dealt with,” Lisa said. “His determination to live—touched my heart.”

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Duncan is now thriving at life. (Caters News)

Duncan made small improvements each day, and by the third month, he had settled down and began living his dream life.

Lisa then decided to adopt the once-shy golden retriever, giving him a forever home.

“From the moment he set his paws into my home, I fell in love with him and couldn’t let him go,” Lisa shared. “Adopting him has given me a massive sense of achievement and I encourage others to do the same.”

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Duncan and Daisy with their owner, Lisa. (Caters News)

Caters News Agency contributed to this story.