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Abandoned Baby Report Floods Police Department With Offers of Adoption

TIMEJuly 31, 2019

An infant that appears to have been abandoned touched the hearts of Pennsylvanians so much that concerned citizens could not help offering to adopt the newborn child on July 30.

Upper Darby Police Department (UDPD) confirmed officers found a baby alone, just hours after being born, in Englewood, 105 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

“This adorable hours old newborn was left abandoned, alone, in the 100 block, Englewood,” police said on Twitter. “We need help locating the parents to get them the assistance that they need.”

UDPD pleaded with the mother to phone the police if she was reading the social media post. However, the appeal seemed to backfire when several concerned citizens called to enquire about how to adopt the baby.

“We are receiving an influx of calls requesting information on how to adopt the baby,” the department said on Twitter. “While we appreciate the outpouring of support, the UDPD is not involved in this process, please only call with pertinent information that may identify the family of the child.”

Others who called the 610-734-7693 hotline were worried about the welfare of the child, prompting police to try to ease those concerns on social media.

Baby is being evaluated and is doing okay,” the department said on Twitter.

From a legal perspective, the responsible parents are unlikely to face charges if they turn themselves in since the baby is so young.

“The Newborn Protection Act (Safe Haven) states that a parent of a newborn may leave a child in the care of a hospital or a police officer at a police station without being criminally liable, as long as the child is no older than 28 days and is not harmed,” police said on Twitter.

Local Terrell Phillips found the child unattended on the porch of his neighbor, Tom Dailey.

“He said, ‘Mr. Tom, what is this?’ And he says there’s a baby here,” Phillips told WABC TV. “I picked it up and as I picked it up the towel was unraveling and I saw the baby still had the umbilical cord on it.”

When the baby started to cry, Dailey’s paternal instincts kicked in and he calmed the child down.

“As soon as she started crying I picked her up. It felt good,” he told WABC TV, adding his children have already grown up.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Upper Darby Police Department by phoning 610-734-7693.

Richard Szabo
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