A Weekend of Cowboy Magic in Murrieta California!

July 24, 2008 Updated: October 24, 2015

Looking for something different as well as helpful to the ecology and education to do? Look no further! This coming weekend (July 25-26) the Santa Rosa Plateau Foundation, of Murrieta, California is hosting a Cowboy Jubilee. This event is a fund-raiser, which also brings out the FUN in fund-raiser. 

The Foundation is hosting its 2nd annual event. When the funding for an educational program that brought 3rd graders to the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve was cut, the Foundation promised to raise the $45,000 per annum it takes to provide teachers, staff, materials, and transportation for the 3rd graders. The program introduces the wonders of nature and ecology to the students in a very real way.

The Santa Rosa Plateau was a working cattle ranch until a few years ago. Cowboys gathered the cattle several times a year for branding, culling, shipping, and medical treatments.

Cowboy Heritage

It takes a huge amount of work to maintain an operation of this size. To keep the cattle calm at night cowboys have traditionally sung to them … all night, in shifts. This helped the cattle remain quiet during the stress filled times. Lowering the stress through song often avoided the dangers of a massive stampede of the cattle, and the job of rounding up terrified cattle afterward. Out of this dangerous work and long hours came a certain kind of music and humor that has been recognized as an integral part of the western experience and heritage.

Beginning this Friday evening at the Cottonwood Ranch a cowboy campfire will be held with music and a celebration of the ranching and cowboy way of life!  Entertaining the attendees will be the Cowboy Hall of Fame Awardees, Sons of the San Joaquin, and celebrated cowboy poet Waddie Mitchell.  There will also be an open microphone for those inclined to perform their own songs and a trail supper is provided.

Saturday morning there will be rides into areas of the Plateau that are normally closed to the public. In the evening, a Cowboy Jubilee and Concert will be held at the spectacular Liberty Oaks Ranch. This lush setting provides a backdrop under the evening sky for the Concert and traditional cowboy cuisine cooked on site, as well as displays of art and era memorabilia, a no host bar, and live silent auction. The auctions feature sculpted works by renowned local sculptor Austin Casson who has provided eight limited edition pieces.

All funds support the continuing educational ecological programs which serve seven school districts, 65 schools, and approximately 8,000 third grade students.

Tickets are available online: www.srpf.org. For more information: Ginger Greaves – Jubilee Chair (909)732-2209