A Poem: The Northern Land

BY Yuan Xi TIMEJanuary 7, 2019 PRINT

The Northern Land


When the first glimmer of dawn appears
As if heaven and earth have just been separated
I see the northern land
Immersed in deep sleep
Like ancient times.


In the northern land
Forests are deep and fathomless
Where cycles of life never end
Mountain streams clear and light
Forever flowing through time and space.


There rests a sacred lake
Heaven’s eyes wide open
The mist above the pines
Is the sadness of the Goddess of Water
That will never disperse.


When everything is quiet
Only the wind travels freely
Creating majestic echoes
Throughout the valleys
Or whispering gently
To the void.


There are also times
When angry clouds
Circling from the horizon
And extending into the mysterious distance
Are accompanied by darkening twilight.


At the end of the skies
Are the snowy peaks
Casting aside the world
Standing alone with frozen times.


When the darkness finally descends
With stars shining brightly
Like the ancient sacred lights
That never dim.
Oh, my travelers
Come sit down under the stars
Look up and pray.


Inspired by “A Song for Sweden” – “Du gamla, du fria.” Translated into English from Chinese by Jennifer Zeng

Yuan Xi
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