A Korean Meal Is the Ultimate Social Event

October 29, 2018 Updated: October 29, 2018

MissKOREA, where there is almost always a line on weekends, is a welcoming spot for groups of friends looking to partake in a meal, no matter what time of day or night. The restaurant’s first floor is open 24 hours, catering to all alike: early risers, late partiers, and round-the-clock eaters.

A Korean meal is by definition a social event. Just take a look at the multitude of side dishes and the ensuing game of “table Twister.” Nothing breaks the ice like trying to dodge chopsticks while attempting to get at the side dish you want.

And then there are dishes like the hot pot—literally a focal point of warmth and nourishment but also of conviviality. If the hot pot shows anything, actually, it’s how little equipment humans need to throw a party.

Among the hot pots, there’s the Kimchi Mandu Jeongol ($46.95) for two—although it easily feeds more than two when accompanied by other dishes. Kimchi, beef, pork dumplings, rice cakes, and noodles all jostle for space in the spicy broth. It has a pleasant tang from the juice leftover from the pickled kimchi.