A Father’s Day Gift Guide Fit for a King

BY Epoch Times Staff TIMEJune 11, 2013 PRINT

Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to honor Dad (and make amends) for all the gray hairs you’ve given him over the years. Check out our gift guide, full of options that will make Dad feel like a King. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17.

For the Debonair King 

The dress-savvy NoHo-ers at Louis Purple bring their eclectic style straight from France. For the Dad who needs perfectly tailored threads, get a gift card for a Louis Purple custom shirt or suit. He can choose timeless elegance, casual and chic, or any other personal look to rule his kingdom. Thousands of fabrics are available, procured from the best mills in the world. Nothing but the best for Dad.
Made to measure suits from $799.

Louis Purple
323 Lafayette St., New York
Ph: 212-219-8559 

For the Music-Loving King

Music changed when it went digital, and while we have grown accustomed to the dry nature of compressed sound, there are devices that can play music as it is meant to be heard. The BlueTube Audio Vacuum Amplifier is based on a high-end retro design, and has a defined, warm, and natural sound. Despite its classic design, however, the amplifier has a USB port and Bluetooth functions that can play from smartphones, MP3 players, and other devices, and will still improve sound when playing compressed digital files. The amplifier and its speakers have elegant walnut and cherry wood casings, with speaker frames made from cast aluminum. The exposed vacuum tubes on top of the amplifier will also glow when powered on.

BlueTube Audio Vacuum Amplifier
$795 for amp and two speakers

For the Epicurean King

For a Dad who loves to indulge in gourmet food, a gift basket from Caviarteria is a very sweet gift. The royal highlight is the caviar. You can have it on blini or toast, but a truly regal caviar stands on its own, without capers, or onions, or other embellishments. Eat the glistening pearls out of the tin with a mother-of-pearl spoon (anything non-metallic will also do), and toast with champagne or vodka. Voila, instant luxury. 
Bit of the Best Packages give a good sampling at varying prices ($140 for the American caviar package to $470 for the Bit of the Best Package). For the Princes and Princesses on budget, go for the smoked fish—the smoked salmon are all center cut slices, belly meat only.


For the Pampered King

A gift fit for an emperor: Truman’s Gentlemen’s Grooming. Give Dad “The Professional,” a $75 package that includes a consultation, haircut and style, manicure (which they call “handshake maintenance”), and shoe shine. Or give Dad the choice with a $100, $200, or $300 gift card. For the Dad that needs some serious year-round pampering, go for the $1,050 Gold Passport that gives him unlimited access for a year—he’ll never forget you for that one!

Truman’s Gentlemen’s Grooming
120 E. 56th St. near Park Ave. (Ph: 212-759-5015) or 
121 Madison Ave. at 30th St. (Ph: 212-683-9400) 

To Keep the King Cool

Summer, glorious summer! Make sure to keep Dad cool with a nice fresh ale this Father’s Day. Brooklyn Brewery’s Summer Ale takes its inspiration from the English “light dinner ales” of old—refreshing, flavorful, without being too heavy. Premium English barley malt gives it a fresh bready flavor, and German and American hops give it a light, crisp bitterness and a citrusy, floral aroma. It’s seasonal and only available till July. 

Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale
$10.99-ish a six-pack. 

Fit(ness) for a King

If Dad is trying to reach some health or fitness goal but needs a little help, tracking his own progress is a cinch—and hopefully a motivator—with the motion-sensor fitness wristband Jawbone UP. It tracks movement, of course, but also sleep, telling him how much deep sleep he’s getting, and the alarm function can wake him up from his nap at the optimal time (at 26.5 minutes) or give him a buzz if he’s been sitting idle in front of the TV too long. He can also log info like meals and mood, and the app gives suggestions and insights based on his personal data. Works with iOs and Android devices. 10-day battery life. $129.99 direct.

Jawbone UP

For the Benevolent King

Dad may be the kind of guy who wants to help others in the world—he’s the King with everything. Through Oxfam Unwrapped, you can give a goat or a few chickens to a village in need on behalf of Dad for Father’s Day. 
Here’s how it works: You choose your gift, your Dad gets a free card, and your gift/Dad’s generous spirit helps someone in need. Simple!
A great option for the last-minute shopper: you can purchase your gift and choose an e-card before you can say “Happy Father’s Day.” 
Purchase a pack of seeds for $12; some school books for $25; a pig or a goat for $50; or train a midwife for $150.

Oxfam Unwrapped

For the Comfort King

Get Dad the ultimate gift of comfort from Royal Highnies: 400-thread count Pima cotton lounge pants. Perfect for those lazy days around the house when all that counts is feeling good. And for the Dad who prefers wearing a robe to tend to his charges, the silky-smooth Royal Robe is the way to go. Royal Highnies began with the quest to create the perfect boxer shorts—and we’ve heard a few rock stars swear by them now. 
Royal robe, $164.50; lounge pants, $79.50. 

Royal Highnies

For the King of the Golf Swing 

How does Dad gauge the distance to his next target or over yonder water obstacle? Well, he can eyeball it, or do some old-school pacing. But that takes time and energy, and it’s not what he needs when the course is crowded. Give Dad an edge in his game and practice with the Callaway RAZR Rangefinder. Beautifully light and compact, it gives a super-quick yardage reading up to 600 yards, down to 1/10 of a yard. Not for newbies, though—to get the most out of it, Dad should be hitting consistent distances. 

Callaway RAZR Rangefinder
$265 on 

For a One-of-a-Kind King

For years when you were growing up, Dad wore the generic (but heartfelt) T-shirts you gave him, that said “World’s Best Dad.” Now, it’s easy to design a one-of-a-kind T-shirt, emblazoned with something truly customized—maybe an inside joke you both share. Just bring your design to EmbroidMe, and they’ll print it on a shirt, or even other items of your choosing. Whatever it is, he’ll still wear it proudly. $35 for one customized T-shirt.

5 East 33rd St.

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