A Childhood Home, Revived for the Next Generation

This redesigned Tudor house is full of historic architecture, Southern charm, and cherished family memories
January 30, 2021 Updated: January 31, 2021

Elegant yet youthful, this house in the Maple Ridge district of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is home to the family of Noah and Emily. Built in 1929, the Tudor-style house carries historic beauty and irreplaceable personal memories.

Noah grew up here, and in a way, Emily did, too: The couple fell in love here during their formative years and even had their first kiss in the sunroom. Bits and pieces of Noah’s childhood still abound—this is why they chose to purchase it from Noah’s parents to house their growing family.

To continue adding to this treasure trove of memories, Noah and Emily invited interior designer Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors to reimagine the house. They hoped to create a space where their kids could “live and be kids,” Bean said in an interview.

Mel Bean19498
The hallway welcomes you into the warm, hospitable space. (Laurey Glenn)
Mel Bean19137
Framed family photos feature prominently in the master bedroom, and elsewhere throughout the house. (Laurey Glenn)

A Welcoming Space for Family and Relaxation

Exuding warmth and comfort, the redesigned living room lets in abundant sunlight through classy wooden window frames. The elegant neutral-tone couch sets up a welcoming palette, while the pillows provide pops of color that add playfulness to the atmosphere. Other lively elements, such as the vibrant artworks and guitars hanging on the walls, showcase the family’s fun-loving nature.

Epoch Times Photo
In the living room, playful and personal details highlight the family’s personality: colorful pillows and artworks, family photos, and guitars hanging within easy reach. (Laurey Glenn)

Just a few steps outside of the living room, the family room likewise delivers “a sense of a home cultivated over time,” as Bean puts it, with elements reflecting the family’s cherished memories. Lining the room are French windows that welcome natural light. On a day spent inside, the family can relax on the cozy window sofa to enjoy a good read. In the evening, they can gather around the central fireplace for a night of storytelling.

Mel Bean19348
French windows line the family room, letting in an abundance of sunshine and warmth. (Laurey Glenn)

Together, the family room and the living room create a perfect space for relaxation, brimming with sunshine and warmth, the epitome of Southern charm. Though Noah and Emily lead busy lives outside, their home provides a haven in which to unwind and enjoy the company of their children. From the meticulously selected ornaments to the overall structure of the space, every inch radiates the essence of Southern living: relaxed, welcoming, and family-centered.

From a guest’s perspective, this sweet home invites you in, unfolds the life of the family in front of you, and ensures that every second of your stay is well-spent.

Maximizing Functionality

Bean and her interior design team turned this 90-year-old house into a more functional space than it had ever been. In the kitchen, though the original cabinets were preserved, new countertops, backsplash, and cabinet hardware were installed. New lighting with brass accents was added as a contrast to the white cabinetry.

Mel Bean19518
In the kitchen, new lighting, countertops, and cabinet hardware were installed to maximize functionality. A new marble countertop adds elegance, complementing the brass hardware while contrasting with the sapphire-blue bar stools. (Laurey Glenn)

Not too far from the kitchen is the boot room, redesigned from a back porch as a convenient “drop zone” for coats, shoes, purses, and backpacks.

Mel Bean19391
The boot room was redesigned from a back porch into a convenient “drop zone” for coats, shoes, purses, and backpacks. (Laurey Glenn)

Another highly effective design came out of the former utility room in the attic: It was turned into a play station with abundant toys, some lovely signs, and a hanging swing chair for the children and their teddy bear.

Mel Bean19206
The attic was transformed into a secret play space for the children, including a hanging swing chair for them and their teddy bear. (Laurey Glenn)

Preservation of the Past

Since the history of the house has such special meaning to the new family, the designer sought to preserve its prominent original elements, while making them cohesive with the rest of the design. In the living room, the gorgeous arched Tudor doors and the center fireplace were preserved, heightening the aesthetics and adding to the historical texture of the home.

Though not necessarily preserved from the past, some antique-looking elements, such as the patterned vintage-style rugs, were juxtaposed with modern elements to pay homage to the home’s history.

Continuity of Design

Every space in this home seems to have a personality of its own, while maintaining a sense of continuity throughout. From the bright, cozy family room to the elegant, dark-toned dining area, from the neutral-palette master bedroom to the daughter’s vibrant duo-toned room, each space shows off its unique beauty while complementing the others.

A sense of tranquility, warmth, and harmony special to the Southern lifestyle illuminates the entire home.

Mel Bean19454
The dark-toned dining room is a more formal space, perfect for elegant entertaining. (Laurey Glenn)
Mel Bean19131
The master bedroom is a relaxing space, with an elegant light palette and lots of intimate and comforting textures. (Laurey Glenn)
Mel Bean19026
The bedrooms are full of their own personality. (Laurey Glenn)