93-year-old widow thought she’d never love again till 87-yr-old swept her off her feet

December 17, 2018 Updated: December 17, 2018

Ninety-three-year-old Dorothy Williams has had plenty of opportunities to find true love again over the last 25 years—she just hadn’t come across anyone who made her heart beat like it did for her late husband.

Widowed when she was just a few years shy of her 70th birthday, Williams had been more than content with the fact that she may never find another companion to spend her days with. She was plenty happy to spend time with her senior-aged son, John.

When John went to fix an elderly neighbor’s leaky roof one day, though, he found someone whom he thought would catch his mom’s eye.

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The neighbor was 87-year-old Richard Rola, who admitted to John that he’d been lonely since his wife passed away four years prior. After 60 years by her side, the loss of his wife had sent him into a state of depression—and he’d had no interest in meeting anyone else.

Hoping that he could help the older man get over some of his loneliness, John took a chance and invited Rola out to his weekly polka dance with his mother.

Initially, Dorothy didn’t want to go along with the setup.

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“She said, ‘I don’t want no man coming,’” John, who is 67, said to the Washington Post. “I said, ‘Mom, he don’t care about you, he just wants to join the polka.’”

When the mother reluctantly met Rola at the dance, though, they realized that there was a chance to become friends. Eventually, after spending more and more time together, to her own surprise, Dorothy soon started falling for Rola’s old-world charm and his jokes that made her laugh—sparks were starting to fly.

“I never met a Dorothy I didn’t like,” Rola told her smoothly.

Pretty soon, Dorothy had to admit that she had been swept off her feet.

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“I never, never wanted to [date again],” she had said. “Then he came along and I couldn’t believe it. He’s a complete gentleman from the old school. He still opens doors and takes you by the arm, all the good things. He’s concerned about you.”

So, two years after they first met, Rola did something no one would expect at his age. While out at dinner with the family, he dropped a quarter under the table—and after bending down to pretend to pick it up, got on one knee and proposed.

The pair had a 150-person wedding, taking part in the kind of exciting affair you’d expect from a younger couple.

But despite the fact that they already have 6 children, 13 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren between them, Williams insists that the love she found in her nineties is no different from the love she’d found when she was younger. Age, it turns out, is something that doesn’t hold you back while you are still young of heart!

My grandfather and his beautiful fiancée came to visit us from Michigan this weekend. You're never too old to fall in love.

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