92-Year-Old Grandma Becomes ‘Recorded Songwriter’ After Willie Nelson Sings Her Song

April 8, 2019 Updated: April 13, 2019

“That little house, it sits so all alone … It needs someone to call it Home, Sweet Home.” These lyrics were written by a 92-year-old woman for her gospel country song “Little House on the Hill.” It’s so sweet, you’re bound to be all smiles hearing her sing it herself.

Lyndel Rhodes was born on Feb. 20, 1924. She grew up in a musical family in Tennessee.

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Posted by Buddy Cannon on Sunday, March 22, 2015

From listening to her dad playing the banjo from a young age, she developed a love for music. When she was 13, she learned to play the harmonica.

One can say Rhodes has always been a country gal at heart and over time developed her own gospel country sound. Due to the popularity of her videos on YouTube, which her son Buddy Cannon uploads for her, she ended up releasing her debut album called Gospel Harmonica.

“Let’s cut it”

A couple of years back, she shared her song “Little House on the Hill” with him, and Cannon said he immediately thought of legendary country singer Willie Nelson.

Cannon, who is an accomplished musician/singer/songwriter/producer himself, decided to make a guitar and vocal of her song, and emailed it to the country singer.

Nelson was apparently bowled over when he heard it, reports the Guardian. He wrote back within a few hours saying: “I love it. Let’s cut it”

So it came to be that Nelson laid down the vocals and guitar tracks to Rhodes’s song in Pedernales Studio in Spicewood, Texas.

From the Willie and Merle duet record sessions in Austin this past December.

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Legendary Recording Artist Willie Nelson and Album Producer Buddy Cannon in Nashville, Tennessee. (©Getty Images | Jason Davis)

Cannon took the recording to his mom and captured her reactions on video as she listened to the recorded version of her song being sung by Nelson.

With her clear blue eyes and a little green blanket draped across her legs, she puts in a few extra lines of her own. Her red shoes tap joyfully to the beat as she sings the chorus lines along with Nelson in the cutest granny voice.

When asked if she likes the sounds of it, she beams and exclaims, “Yep. I love it!”

In response to the video, one netizen wrote: “I would love to learn to play and sing your song. Where can I get chords and lyrics? God bless you, Miss Lyndel.”

“That’s adorable !!!! So awesome,” wrote another. “Makes me have a happy heart.”

Rhodes’s “Little House on the Hill” is the first song on Willie Nelson’s 2017 album, God’s Problem Child.

Watch this sweet grandma singing along with Willie Nelson in the video below:

So this is what it looks and sounds like when you play your 92 year old mom Willie Nelson's cut of a song she wrote.

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