7 Surreal Beach Getaways in Egypt

September 22, 2014 Updated: September 22, 2014

For many, Egypt’s main attractions are its ancient monuments, which have stood tall for thousands of years. Yet, despite the mystical beauty of the Pyramids or ancient tombs in Luxor, beauty can also be found along Egypt’s coasts. Egypt has some of the most beautiful resort destinations in the world. With mountainous shores, magical marine ecosystems and calm soothing waters, Egypt has a place for every traveler.

1. Gouna

Just hours away from Cairo’s hustle and bustle lays the sunny Red Sea resort of El-Gouna. Whether you spend your time at one of the resort’s five star hotels or rent a small apartment overlooking the lively marina, El-Gouna is as close to paradise as you can get to in Egypt.

From canoeing and snorkeling in the peaceful and turquoise waters to simply soaking up the sun on one of the many beaches and dancing your night away after a fresh meal at the marina, El-Gouna provides visitors with an experience of timelessness, peace and comfort.

2. Taba

Taba (Ezzat, Khairat/Egyptian Streets)


With picturesque scenery and year-round perfect weather conditions, Taba is one of the most alluring getaways on the Sinai Peninsula. Located on Egypt’s border with Israel, Taba’s lavish resorts allow visitors to enjoy breath-taking natural scenery that extends from bronze coloured mountains to the vibrant colours of the Red Sea.

Riding camels in the golden desert, enjoying hot tea with Bedouins under astronomic wonders, and enjoying delicious food accompanied by dazzling views are just some of the few features offered at Taba.

3. Marsa Allam

(Gigi Ibrahim\Flickr)


Located along Egypt’s Red Sea coast, Marsa Allam has become known as the primary destination for diving enthusiasts visiting Egypt.

Nestled between the sea and mountains, Marsa Allam’s dive sites are alive, filled with rainbow-colored corals and a variety of underwater wildlife. For the less experienced divers, visitors can bask in the golden sun and enjoy breathtaking scenery. Activities, including glass-bottom boats and snorkeling also allow travelers to enjoy the wildlife.

Unlike other Red Sea resort cities, Marsa Allam also provides equally stunning land adventures. From visiting ancient gold and emerald mines to exploring the National Parks of Gebel Elba and Wadi al Gimal and their variety of exotic birds and desert animals, travelers are sure to experience a combination of relaxation and adventure.

4. Ras Shitan

Moon island (Ezzat, Khairat/Egyptian Streets)
Ras Shitan (Ezzat, Khairat/Egyptian Streets)


Ras Shitan, a popular diving destination in Egypt, is the perfect escape for anyone wanting to find peace, quiet and relaxation along the breath-taking waters of the Red Sea.

Neighboring dahab and located in Northern Nuweiba, Ras Shitan is known for its famous beach camps with simplistic bamboo huts and wooden bungalows. It’s simplistic and natural atmosphere emphasizes the beauty of Shitan’s nature from underwater mountains and caves to its incredibly rich marine ecosystems.

This is not only every diver’s dream place but also a dream place for anyone looking forward to escaping the urban life and wanting to get lost in the Red Sea’s undeniable beauty.

5. Sahl Hasheesh

With its crystal clear waters and mountainous beauty, Sahl Hasheesh is booming as a modern resort town with a luxurious resort community.

This wondrous paradise has 12 km of sandy beach front filled with beach huts and relaxing sun loungers.

As you move back to your resort and away from the calm serene waters, you’ll be greeted with the relaxing hands of a team of spa professionals.

Explore Sahl Hasheesh’s evergreen beauty as you take a stroll down the town’s neighborhood alleys. As soon as you settle down in one of Hasheesh’s exquisite restaurants, waiters will gather around waiting to tend to your every gastronomical desire.

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This article was written by Farida M. Ezzat and Mohamed Khairat and originally published at Egyptian Streets.