7 Organic Garden Crops to Plant Now, It’s Not Too Late

By Marieke Vos
Marieke Vos
Marieke Vos
July 22, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Maybe you were too busy this spring to give your garden much love. Or maybe your plants have died since, leaving room for new life.  You can do something about that patch of bare earth, because sowing season isn’t over yet.

Epoch Times Photo
A little farmer getting the garden ready for mid-summer sowing. (Shutterstock)

You can still sow these select seven organic garden crops in the middle of July. They will give you a great autumn vitamin bounty:

  1. ‘Sugar daddy’ snap peas
  2. ‘Lemon’ cucumbers
  3. ‘Blue Coco’ pole beans
  4. ‘Jacob’s cattle’ dry beans
  5. ‘Red Kuri’ squash 
  6. ‘Giant winter’ spinach
  7. ‘Midnight lightning’ zucchinis

Tip: Six out of the above seven crops can be grown vertically, squash is the only one that can’t. Just make sure the moustaches (breeders’ term for the climbing tendrils of cucumbers, et cetera) can grasp around a pole, a netting, or your balcony rail.

Marieke Vos
Marieke Vos