Gift Ideas for Moms

BY Ingrid Longauerová TIMEDecember 2, 2013 PRINT

Mothers are difficult when it comes to holiday shopping. Whenever you ask your mother about her dream present, it’s always the same answer, “I don’t need anything,” or “just help me to bake some cakes.” But you know some secret wish is hidden in her heart—and it isn’t just to spend more time with you or the grandchildren, whatever she may say.

Here’s some inspiration for gifts to make your mother especially happy this holiday season.


1. Handmade Cosmetics

An organic, handmade beauty treatment—need we say more? If you often see your mother looking at the package of her cosmetic products or food, maybe this nature-loving skin kit will be the perfect present for her.


2. Black Walnut Cutting Board

Yes, that’s right, just a simple cutting board. But that’s the whole idea—to give your mother something she will use daily, but in a more elegant and high-quality design than she may think to buy for herself. Spoil your frugal mother with a piece of kitchenware that will make the simplest breakfast more artful.


3. Personalized Tea

English breakfast tea in a can with a personalized message on it will remind your mother you love her everytime she takes a tea break at work or at home.


4. Chic Notepad

Moms are always full of “to do” lists, aren’t they? To make the not-so-pleasant task of tallying chores and errands more pleasant, treat your mother to some really nice notepads—maybe one from her favorite fashion designer.

Designer notepads are usually not too expensive, but still have the designer labels on them.

This notepad featuring chic stripes is designed by Kate Spade.


5. Perfume

A variety of fragrance is welcome in many ladies’ lives—one for the evening, another for work, several to suit a woman’s changing moods.

If you’re afraid of getting a perfume your mother may not like, consult a helper at a perfumery. Bring a list of perfumes your mother has worn in the past. And remember, for winter, the heavier, sweeter, or more rustic scents are often preferred.


6. Stylish Cook: The Apron

If your mother loves cooking and the kitchen is the heart of the home for her, a beautiful apron such as this one from Anthropologie can make her kitchen time even more joyful. Even with an apron on, she’ll feel stylish and beautiful.


7. DIY Instagram Photos

Want something extra personal? She loved your drawings when you were a child—here’s the adult version: DIY (do-it-yourself) instagram magnets.

They’ll recall happy memories every time she looks at the refrigerator. They are also remarkably cheap and easy to make. A handmade gift always warms the heart. Try it with these directions from Design Sponge


8. Initialed iPad Case

Here’s another personalized item, and one for everyday use—a beautiful and very chic case for an iPad, custom made to suit your mom. 


9. For the Office

Mothers love having reminders of their children at the office. Bring a touch of home to her office space with this all-in-one for tech-loving moms: it’s an iPhone and Android charging station, a ceramic planter, and a sound amplifier.

A little bit of green will balance the phone’s grey. 

Ingrid Longauerová
journalist/graphic designer
Ingrid Longauerová is a long time employee at the Epoch Media Group. She started working with The Epoch Times as a freelance journalist in 2007 before coming to New York and work in the Web Production department. She is currently a senior graphic designer for the Elite Magazine, a premier luxury lifestyle magazine for affluent Chinese in America produced by the EMG.
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