7 Foods and Drinks to Avoid Before Bed (Video)

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You know you shouldn’t eat spicy foods or have caffeine before bed, but that’s not all you should avoid. Here are seven foods and drinks that will keep you up all night. 

1. Foods with sugar

This basically refers to most of the desserts, such as chocolate cake, and ice cream as they are known to change your blood sugar level, and affect your sleep. They are also loaded with fat, which will lead to an over active digestive system, as your body tries to break them down.

2.  Fried Food

Any, and oil fried food is known to give you a heart burn, especially fried onions. 

3. Steak or Burgers

It is better to have a steak or burger for lunch, as red meat is high in protein, and fat which usually takes time to digest.

4.  Dried Fruits

A lot of people consider having dried fruits as a safe, and healthy dessert option. But they usually contain a lot of sugar, plus the high fiber is known to bloat the stomach. 

5. Movie Popcorn

Natural, and air tight popcorn is fine, but movie theatre popcorn usually has added toppings like salt, butter, and cheese that make you bloated, and thirsty. 

6. Water

Water is definitely great for you, but if you have too much of it before bed you will have to use the bathroom a couple of times. 

7.  Alcohol 

Finally, it is best to avoid alcohol in the night, as lots of drinking will not let you sleep peacefully, and it will lead to wake up hungover. 

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