7 Countries Not to Miss in 2015

December 15, 2014 Updated: December 15, 2014

Awesome Australia

Few countries can rival the massive continent and country of Australia in terms of beauty, wilderness, culture, flora and fauna. In fact, the land of the kangaroo is a bucket list destination for many travelers; it is a haven for adventures, epic overland journeys, scenic coastal drives and vibrant metropolitan cities. Other than adventure, Australia is home to great cuisine, fine wine and the oldest aboriginal culture on the planet. It is the reason you should make it your next destination in 2015.

Undiscovered Nicaragua

San Cristobal Volcano Located in Nicaragua via Shutterstock*
San Cristobal Volcano Located in Nicaragua via Shutterstock*

Costa Rica may have been the star in Central America, but Nicaragua is steadily rising to become a popular hotspot. It has a lot to offer in way of natural beauty, adventures, water sports and natural reserves. It is the largest country in Central America and home to the largest lake in the region, which has freshwater sharks swimming beneath. Forget about the sparkly beaches in the Caribbean and enjoy the unspoilt pristine beaches in Nicaragua in the coming year.

Magical Morocco

Just a few hours from Europe, Morocco is a great short haul destination that gives visitors an awesome exotic treat. It is a country of contrasts, from towering mountains to golden sandy deserts and from ancient mountain villages to bustling medinas, Morocco is a thrilling feast for the eyes. Whether you want to soak up in culture, tour the dramatic Atlas mountains or relax along the pristine sandy beaches, Morocco is a must destination for 2015.

Marvellous Madagascar

If your wanderlust desire is to visit a truly unique destination in 2015, then make Madagascar your next destination. It is a huge island off the southeastern coast of Africa with an overwhelming number of wildlife and bird species. It is peaceful with stunning sceneries, beaches and lush rainforests.

Intriguing India

India is a vast country that never ceases to amaze, whether you have been there before or visiting for the first time, you will always experience something new and exciting. It has diverse cultures, landscapes, cultures and religions that blend in such a fascinating way. It is home to magnificent palaces, castles, iconic monuments, wildlife parks, mountains, deserts and coastlines that will astound you. Aside from its attractions, India is popular for its spicy cuisine, so in the next year make up to visit this country that has everything you could wish for in a travel destination.

Charismatic Kenya

If you have never been to Africa, take time to visit the beautiful country of Kenya and feel like you have been to the whole of Africa. Kenya is famous for its incredible wildlife, second highest mountain in Africa, diverse cultures, stunning beaches and lush tropical islands. You can travel to Kenya for the best wildlife experiences in Africa and combine with a relaxed beach holiday.

Adventurous New Zealand

Mirror Lakes along the way to Milford Sound, New Zealand via Shutterstock*
Mirror Lakes along the way to Milford Sound, New Zealand via Shutterstock*

Just like Australia, the land of the kiwis is a dream destination for many travelers, however, let your dream of exploring New Zealand become a reality in 2015. It is a geographically isolated country with stunning scenes of snow-capped mountains, dense forests, glaciers, hot springs, dramatic coastlines and untouched wilderness. If you have been lucky to watch the ‘Lord of the Rings’, then you can get the picture of what to expect in New Zealand.

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*Image of San Cristobal Volcano Located in Nicaragua via Shutterstock

*Image of Mirror Lakes along the way to Milford Sound, New Zealand via Shutterstock