7 Amazing Sights to See in Central America

June 20, 2014 Updated: June 24, 2014

Despite Mexico’s soaring popularity as a holiday destination, the rest of Central America seems to have fallen by the wayside. Years of turmoil may have put visitors off, but there are so many sites to see from the Caribbean coast to the Pacific Ring of Fire that have gone unnoticed. Here are 7 places to add to your bucket list.

Semuc Champey, Lanquin, Guatemala

Nestled in the mountains of Guatemala’s Alta Veraspaz region, Semuc Champey really is a sight to behold. A natural water park of clear, cold pools, winding caves and gentle rivers, you could easily spend a couple of days here. Take a tour through the Lanquin cave system and tube down the river before climbing the mountainside to take in the view.

Tikal, near Flores, Guatemala

Whilst Chichen Itza holds the title of most famous Mayan site, Tikal is arguably the most impressive. Once a sprawling city, it is now a mass of deep jungle with stone temples perforating the canopy. There are so brilliant local guides who will show all the secrets of the place – from the acoustics of the temples to the trees used to create weapons.

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