Incredible Nearly Mile-Long Pizza Breaks World Record in Milan (Video)

BY The Associated Press TIMEJune 20, 2015 PRINT

ROME— The wait was on the long side for the pizza—18 hours—but this was an extraordinary pie: 1.59545 kilometers, or nearly a mile long.

Eighty of Italy’s best pizza-makers worked through the night to create the pizza at Milan’s world fair, Expo 2015. Their toil was rewarded with a proclamation by Guinness World Records judge Saturday that it was the world’s longest pizza. Expo organizers said the record-setting pie, made with 1.5 tons of mozzarella, 5,500 pounds of dough, and 2 tons of tomato sauce, weighed some 5 tons in all.

The tremendous “pie” was cooked in sections by a portable oven.

The creation topped the record of a 1.1415-kilometer-long pizza made in Spain.

Fair-goers could eat slices of the Milan pizza for free. Slices of long, rectangular pizzas with various toppings are a popular street food in Italy.

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