6 US Cities to Visit for a Low Cost Holiday

January 25, 2015 Updated: January 25, 2015

With the size and the number of states in the United States, there is no shortage for interesting stops especially when you are in the mood for variety. The diversity in the sights in each state as well as the cuisine and the culture will surely interest travelers from all over the world. However, traveling doesn’t come cheap and for those who are on a budget, here are some of the cheapest destinations in the country where you can go backpacking without any problem.


Waikiki Beach on Oahu Hawaii via Shutterstock*
Waikiki Beach on Oahu Hawaii via Shutterstock*

Hawaii has always been a classic destination when you are in the USA. This tropical haven is certainly a good stop when you are in a budget. Although an exclusive beach vacation while sipping cocktails on a beach is not exactly what you get when you are here, it is still pretty nice to stay in one of the city’s hostels and get a taste of a Hawaiian vacation.

Los Angeles

Those who have been looking forward to see the city beyond the Hollywood sign will have the chance to explore the city although transportation can be a bit of a problem in this place owing to the fact that attractions are spread out. But, the best thing about this place is that you will not find any difficulty in finding affordable drinks and meals. The outdoor sights are also worth stopping by although you should invest in a Go Los Angeles card. Be forewarned that the card it doesn’t cover Disneyland, although you can visit almost everything else with the pass. Be sure to stay in a hostel near the sights that you want to see for greater savings.

Las Vegas

The Sin City is a good stop especially when you are not up for spending all your time losing money in the casinos. There are a lot of attractions that will not cost you a lot of money. If you put your mind to hunting bargains, you can get really cheap rooms. When you are in Las Vegas, location is really very important because you will get cheaper prices when you are in the northern part of the Strip or when you are in the Downtown area. You have a lot of cheap options when it comes to food and entertainment.

New Orleans

New Orleans' Jackson Square via Shutterstock*
New Orleans’ Jackson Square via Shutterstock*

This city is definitely a good stop for those backpackers who are paying a lot of attention on the amount that they have to spare for the trip. Bourbon Street is a good place to hang out especially when you are looking for restaurants and for the nightlife. This lively junction has several cheap entertainment options that can be appealing even if you don’t have so much to spend.

Miami Beach

This destination is pretty specific and it doesn’t necessarily pertain to Miami City just the beach area. This is actually a tricky place for those who are on a budget as it has become more of a place for luxury than it used to be although there are pretty good hostels in the less prominent areas of the beach. It is totally possible to get cheap dining and drinking options although you have to be a bit more proactive in finding the right places to enjoy your meals.


Cityscape of Richmond, Virginia via Shutterstock*
Cityscape of Richmond, Virginia via Shutterstock*

his city in Virginia is a great destination for history buffs that are looking forward to exploring the cobblestone streets and the intriguing capital. Historic sites, forts and a lot of historic sites are close by although those who would rather forget about history lessons on their tour could go for Kings Dominion, an amusement park close to the city. Plus, lodgings in Virginia are really cheap making it a good choice for travelers.

The United States is a great destination to visit for a wide array of reasons and if you get the chance to travel to the country even when you are on a budget, do not despair as there are a lot of cool but cheap places to visit.

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*Image of cityscape of Richmond, Virginia via Shutterstock

*Image of New Orleans’ Jackson Square via Shutterstock

*Image of Waikiki Beach on Oahu Hawaii via Shutterstock