6 Quick Fixes for Energy Lulls

January 23, 2020 Updated: January 23, 2020

It happens often, and to some more than others. When an energy lull hits, most people will do something to power through.

Eating a candy bar or drinking a soda or energy drink might be easy and offer short-term help, but generally cause more trouble in the long run. The crash comes hard and fast, not to mention the potential impact on sleep and the long-term effects on metabolic and heart health.

Maintaining good energy levels throughout the day can require a multi-faceted approach. One way to keep fatigue at bay is preventing it in the first place. Good sleep, a healthy diet, and stress management all help keep you energized. But for quick relief, here are some things to try:

Eat breakfast: People who eat breakfast report higher energy levels than those that skip it. For breakfast to boost energy, however, you need to do it right. High-fiber and protein foods will work the best at keeping you satiated and energized throughout the day.

Drink water: Dehydration can create feelings of fatigue, so making sure you’ve got a steady intake of water can prevent energy lulls. Aim to fill your bottle or glass every two hours.

Eat a handful of nuts: Keeping a bag of nuts nearby can also help restore energy levels. Almonds and peanuts are both great options because they are high in magnesium and folate. Energy can drop when your body is in a low supply of these nutrients energy and replenishing them can offer a quick pick-me-up.

Go for a quick walk: It may seem counterintuitive, but boosting your heart rate by getting out for a quick walk can increase energy. The fresh air can help, too. Ten to 15 minutes should do.

Take a whiff of a cinnamon stick: Some suggest that taking a quick sniff of a cinnamon stick can increase alertness and reduce fatigue.

Listen to or sing your favorite song: Music can help you get your energy back, too. Listening to or singing along with your favorite song can offer an emotional high that boosts energy and relieves stress.

If you get an afternoon lull, try one of these natural methods to pick yourself up.

Mohan Garikiparithi holds a degree in medicine from Osmania University (University of Health Sciences). This article was originally published on Bel Marra Health.