6 of the Best… Places to Sleep Under the Stars

By Katie Parsons
Katie Parsons
Katie Parsons
July 7, 2014 Updated: July 7, 2014

Living in London, surrounded by artificial light at all hours, it is easy to forget the beauty of the stars above us. But Professor Brian Cox has been doing his best to inspire Britain to look at the night sky and newspapers are filled with stories of magnificent northern lights, leaving me to wonder where are the best places to go to sleep under beautiful starry skies…

1. Baines Camp, Okavango delta, Botswana

Not only does Baines Camp, deep in the wilderness of the Okavango delta, offer superb wildlife viewing, it also has luxurious four poster beds that can be rolled out on to the deck of their stilted suite to sleep under the starry African sky. Drifting off to the sounds of the bush is an unforgettable experience – although it’s reassuring to know you can wheel the bed back inside if something goes bump in the night.

2. Tented camp near Merzouga, Morocco

To get more than a glimpse of the fabled Sahara, try sleeping out under the desert night sky near Merzouga. Sipping a hot mint tea not far from where the camel trains left on their 52-day journey to Timbuktu makes for a truly atmospheric and unforgettable night. The view out across that vast expanse of nothing, illuminated by the stars, is magical.

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