5 Things to Do in Queenstown

June 15, 2015 Updated: June 15, 2015

Nestled in the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island, Queenstown is one of the adventure sports capitals of the world. In this article we take a look at five of things that thrill-seekers can do on a visit to incredibly scenic and action-packed small town.

Bungy Jumping

It was here in New Zealand that bungy jumping became one of the must-do things that all adventurous travellers added to their bucket list. There are now a huge range of bungy jumping opportunities available from Queenstown. The biggest is the Nevis Bungy which sees you plunging 134 metres with 8.5 seconds of free-wall before your safety rope kicks in. Perhaps the most iconic bungy jumping experience is the Kawarau Bridge Bungy – this is a fall of 43 metres and you will be touching the water below as you bounce at the end of your safety rope.

Jet Boats

If you like to go fast then you will love Queenstown’s jet boats. These are twin engine jet boats that storm across the stunning Lake Wakatipu at speeds of up to eighty five kilometres per hour. The boats operate in surprisingly shallow water – sometimes as little as five centimetres deep. These boats are also very manoeuvrable – spinning and turning to give you a real thrill as you speed along. From Queenstown you will pass through Kawarau Falls Dam, up the Shotover River and along to Tucker Beach – a unique way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of this area.


Queenstown’s paraflight operates can offer solo flights, tandem flights, or triple flights that will see you soaring above Lake Wakatipu as the boat below speeds along at around 25 km per hour. A stunning way to get unparalleled views of the beautiful landscapes that surround Queenstown.

White Water Rafting

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, there are a huge range of white water rafting experiences available from Queenstown. Most white water rafting takes place on the Shotover and the Kawarau rivers and this is an activity that is available year round. You don’t need any experience to go white water rafting – just be prepared to get a bit wet in the process.

River Surfing

River surfing takes white water rafting to a different level. It is on the Kawarau River where you’ll go river surfing. It is just you and a body-board navigating the rocks and rushing water of the rapids – an incredibly exciting way to experience the power of this river. Through some of the calmer sections you can float through stunning scenery such as the Pillar of the Kings (as seen in the Lord of the Rings movies), but watch out for the whirlpools that can soon take you by surprise. Luckily helmets are provided just in case you come to grief on the rocks.

Queenstown is not just a beautiful part of the world but it is also packed with adventure, excitement, and fun. Definitely a must for the thrill-seeking travellers of the world.

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