5 Things to Do in Jaco, Costa Rica

April 16, 2015 Updated: April 16, 2015

Jaco, Costa Rica is a perfect vacation place as it has something for everyone. Lush rainforests abut sand beaches with hiking, surfing, ziplining, bird-watching, and kayaking available for adventure enthusiasts. For those not as adventurous, there is ample opportunity to just relax on the beach and catch some rays or lay around the pool.

Travel partners who have varied interests will love Jaco. Each can pursue their own interest or switch off doing one interest one day and the other the next. Most people enjoy both adventure and relaxation, so Jaco is great for those who like to mix it up.

Jaco is also a great party place. You can enjoy a cocktail or an Imperial beer at a beach side bar during the day and then hit the happening night club later. Visitors can also play a game of Blackjack or two at the hotel Casino right on the beach.

Five Things to Do in Jaco

5. Ziplining/Rapelling

There is no shortage of ziplining and or rappelling tours in Jaco. One can soar over rainforests while viewing birds and monkeys and then rappel down waterfalls only a short distance from this beach town.

4. Learn to Surf

(Ted Nelson, Traveling Ted)
(Ted Nelson, Traveling Ted)

I enjoyed a two hour introductory surf lesson with the Jaco surf club. The waves at Jaco Beach are perfect for learning as they are not too intense, but big enough to make it interesting for more experienced surfers. Once you get started, you can then rent surfboards and continue to practice in order to hone this new skill.

3. Hike up Into the Jungle Hills

Just a short distance from the beach are trails that wind up the rainforest covered hills. The trails afford a beautiful view of the beach and perhaps you will see a toucan, macaw, or a monkey.

2. ATV Waterfall Tour

Manuel Antonio three-toed sloth (Ted Nelson, Traveling Ted)
Manuel Antonio three-toed sloth (Ted Nelson, Traveling Ted)

Another popular tour found around town is riding ATVs into the jungle. Ride through the rainforests and cool off by swimming underneath a beautiful waterfall.

1. Day Trip to Manuel Antonio

The town of Manuel Antonio is only an hour and a half bus trip from Jaco, so it is an easy day trip. The main attraction here is the beach and Manuel Antonio National Park. This national park is one of the best places to see outstanding wildlife that this Central American country is know for. You are almost guaranteed to see sloths, several kinds of monkeys, interesting birds, perhaps a tarantula, lizards, bats, and all sorts of interesting animals. You then end up at a beautiful pristine white sandy beach to relax and swim in after hiking through the jungles.

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