5 Cool Crowdfunding Campaigns for Children’s Fashion

December 4, 2013 Updated: December 14, 2013

For many of us, fashion is a form of art, beyond being the means to express ourselves. For children, fashion is more than most people realize: it’s role is educational. The way children are dressed by their parents at an early age may shape their fashion choices in the future.

Besides being in trend, fashion for children needs to be free of harmful substances – organic, as much as possible. While more expensive than non-organic products, fashion created with organic fabrics is healthier, safer, and has important benefits for manufacturers and the environment.

To have an educational impact on children, fashion designed for them also needs to have outstanding features, not only relative to manufacturing and design, but also to message.

It’s hard to find the products to fit all these requirements, especially in stores. But socially conscious entrepreneurs find ways to promote their ideas, especially by seeking help on crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo. Here are five of the most interesting campaigns currently ongoing in the Fashion category on the popular crowdfunding site.

Book In a Blanket – The Gift that Gives – this is a product that encourages literacy, love for the environment, and charity. For each item sold, the company pledges to donate one to a child in need, via charities like K.I.D.S., Good360, Mary Lee’s House or directly to hospitals, and even charities and orphanages of your choice. Their exclusive organic blankets are designed in the USA, and help the local economy of Peru, as they are produced in the country, using luxury Pakucho cotton, 100% organic, free of chemicals and pesticides that could harm your children.

Planet Buddeez – another innovation which attempts to encourage literacy. This takes a step further, by including a plush toy, together with a hoodie. Unfortunately, the designer does not specify the material used for the hoodies, which may signify that they are not organic. The message of the designs, however, is environmentally friendly. Planet Buddeez attempts to inspire kids to play and do good for the planet.

Bo Twal: Dolls for Children in Underdeveloped Countries – this project aims to provide income for needle workers in underdeveloped countries. The project starts in Haiti, and will expand in other countries . While the toys are not special per se, they do provide comfort to children, they are safe, cuddly and encourage social entrepreneurship.

Alice & Ted -Sustainable & Durable Playwear – a project by two Swedish designers, this hopes to create the world’s best sustainable playwear for children. Based on unisex designs, the clothes are made with ecological materials, including organic cotton, from European distributors. By being durable, and unisex, they reduce the need to consume, and minimize waste.

plektronio: handmade and personalized knitwear & crochet – this is not exclusively for children, but is notable for its ethical approach: all knits are made using pure merino, alpaca or 100% organic cotton yarns. More importantly, plektronio is unique, in that that its range is fully customizable. You can be a part of the design process online, and have the company “knit-for-you” a unique garment. They have kids’ booties, kids’ hats, and kids’ cowls, all handmade in Greece.

Since December is Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month, would you consider purchasing gifts that give back instead of traditional gifts?