5 Quick Facts About Huge Food Marketing Spending

By Amelia Pang, Epoch Times

A nanosecond glance at a savory visual, at the right place and time, could mean a fortune for a food company. Companies are spending billions of dollars on how to capitalize on the human biological response to hunger. 

The 2014 edition of Marketing Fact Pack by Advertising Age has gathered some striking facts about the food industry’s spending on advertising

1. The top ten fast food restaurants spent $6.1 billion on advertising, just in the United States alone in 2012. ($6 billion dollars can also buy 15,000 Lamborghinis).

2. McDonald’s was the biggest spender on food advertising in 2012, spending $1.424 billion, of which $957 million was spent in the United States.

3. The top ten beverage brands spent $1.77 billion on advertising in the U.S. in 2012: Coca-Cola $243 million, Pepsi $274 million, Gatorade $101 million, etc.

4. Coca-Cola Co. is the sixth largest global advertiser, Nestle is seventh, Volkswagen is eighth.

5. It makes sense that a substantial chunk of the spending is in the United States, as the nation has the largest ad market. Thirty-three percent of worldwide ad spending is in the United States (Americans make up 4.4 percent of the world population).

And, just for fun, the cost of a 30-second TV spot on The Simpsons is $231,532.