5 of the Best Tourist Attractions in Bucharest

May 5, 2015 Updated: May 5, 2015

Vibrant and full of numerous beautiful tourist attractions that are worth seeing, Bucharest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It invites you to discover its rich collection of museums or experience the vitality and charm that surrounds the Old Town. If you want to find out what are the most fascinating places in Bucharest, keep reading and you will soon discover what this great city has to offer.

The Museum of the Romanian Peasant

If you are one of those who are interested in finding out as much as possible about the evolution of traditional art then you should definitely visit the Museum of the Romanian Peasant from Bucharest. This place includes the richest collection of artisanal objects in Romania, where tourists can admire exhibitions of ceramics, weavings, popular costumes, sculptures, furniture and religious paintings. If you are also interested in the art representative for the communist regime then you should visit the Museum of Communist Iconography Museum as well.

The Old Town

No doubt about it, the Old Town is one of the most loved and picturesque spots in Bucharest, a place crowded by neoclassic and neo-baroque buildings, which have many alluring shops, coffees and stores at their ground-floor. A walk along its mazy and busy streets give you the impression that you have leaped back in time and that you are visiting Bucharest as it was in its golden days. The most famous street you should see is Lipscani, located near Piata Unirii. Here you will find “Hanul cu Tei”, an impressive building that was built in 1833.

The Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History

The Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History has some of the most impressive scientific collections from Bucharest, including over 2 million specimens of invertebrate and vertebrate. The permanent exhibitions feature objects that range from stones and minerals that amaze us with their shape and color, to the scary Deinotherium gigantissimum skeleton. The Museum also hosts themed temporary exhibitions with some very interesting subjects such as “The Human Body” or “Live tropical butterflies”.

The “Dimitrie Brandza” Botanical Garden

With many preserved or live plants, the “Dimitrie Brandza” Botanical Garden can be very easily included among the most beautiful places in Bucharest. A walk along this garden begins with the exterior sectors which include rare, Mediterranean plants, the roses’ collection and the very popular pine hill. The interior sectors host the palm trees and tall plants, species of orchids of a breathtaking beauty or succulent plants and cactuses. The building includes also the Museum of Botanic and the Central Herbarium where there are 22 biotypes.

The National Military Museum

Another important objective that you should visit is the National Military Museum, which has its exhibits organized in different collections like the one of Romanian uniforms, weapons and fire arms, aviation, cosmology and carriages and harnesses. Here you can see valuable objects like the sword of King Carol I or the Mannlicher gun of King Ferdinand I. Also, do not miss the collection of uniforms that include the ones of King Carol I, Ferdinand I and Carol II, but also the dresses of queen Elisabeta and Mary, prices Elizabeth, Mariora and Ileana.

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