5 of Cuba’s Beautiful Beaches

January 8, 2015 Updated: January 8, 2015

Cuba is a beach getaway for many around the world. Along with the pretty white coastal sands mixing with the inviting blue gulf and sea waters on either side, Cuba also has a way of throwing in some culture in to the mix for an ideal holiday. Here are some of the most beautiful and sought after beaches on the island.

Varadero Beach

For 20 kilometers of pillowy white sand beaches, Varadero Beach is the spot to go to. This is Cuba’s premiere resort beach area and is perfect for sunbathing and beach activities as well, but if the water is beckoning your name, diving is a popular choice for many. Take an opportunity the dive with the dolphins, swim with the fish and experience the marine life in the area. If you’re still back on shore, watch out for the playful jumping dolphins as you sip on your cocktail.

Guardalavaca Beach

The beaches of Guardalavaca  are considered some of Cuba’s best and prettiest beach resort spots. This location has a cooler feel to it with the lush tropical forest and vegetation in the back and the ocean breezes over the clear blue waters in front of you. The area is a prime archaeological zone of pre-Columbia Cuba as well as holding the finest resorts on the island.

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Cayo Jutias

Regardless of whether you want to go to another beach or not, this beach should be on the list for something other than it’s beautiful white sands flowing into the turquoise waters. People come to Cayo Jutias for the unique secret it holds at the bottom of the sea. After you walk past the tourists and the wooden sculptures, take a dip in the water on Playa de las Estrellas del Mar, or Starfish Beach. At the bottom will be vibrant orange starfish that are hanging out in the shallow waters.

Playa Ancon

The pretty white sand beaches in this area are equally as spectacular to it’s neighbors, but the colonial culture that exudes from the area is what makes this place charming as well. The ocean at Playa Ancon is perfect for diving and the resorts in the area are very nice for your Cuba all-inclusive holidays. It’s not the most popular spot to go to, yet. So get here while it’s still off the tourist map.

Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena

These two spectacular and connected beaches are on the west side of the island. If you are need of a nice tan, a cocktail in hand, and the sounds of the shore crashing, this is the place to go. These beaches are exactly what you get and nothing more. There aren’t many things to do in the area, but that’s is also what makes these beaches simple slices of paradise.

Playa Paraiso – Cuba's beautiful beaches (Wikimedia Creative Commons)
Playa Paraiso – Cuba’s beautiful beaches (Wikimedia Creative Commons)

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