5 Luxury Destinations for Family Travelers

June 8, 2015 Updated: June 8, 2015

Family Travelling to a Best Destination

all over the world gives a maximum bonding that last for long. These destinations incorporate a lot of natural and multi-cultural and the age-appropriate programmes that entails total fun to kids and educational. These destinations also provide forums to which both parents if any and the guardians can reconnect with their families. The following are the most luxurious in the world and offer well above.

Ritz-Carlton, the Grand Cayman

Far away from home, Ritz-Calton is a number one choice for many families in the world. The place was coined after a legend Ritz-Cayman who worked with Jean-Michel to create fully entertaining programs for children. Kids with ages 4 to 18 years can fully explore natural jungle gym using a pontoon boat to dive up to 100 feet down the ocean surface instead of using a submarine. The resort also is unique it the sense that the kids can film their adventures and also the sea life. To ensure a total safety, the kids are superbly supervised by the well trained team and at the same time parents can supervise them.

Rio Beach Resort, Puerto Rico

Rio Beach resort has been overlooked for long time in the Caribbean. It does not only offer family holiday bit also for kids destinations. The resort is just some steps away from the El Yungue natural forest which is the only tropical forest in US forest system. the parents can take evening outs with their kids at the Iguana club and also take eco-walks through the floors of the forest and discover various species of wildlife in the forest.

Hotel San Pietro, Italy

Located in the Amalfi Coast, the hotel San Pietro is family owned five star hotel ideal resort for the travelers who would wish for a resort-style accommodation. As compared to other hotels in Amalfi coast, hotel San Pietro has its own beach, excursion boat and a tennis court. To boost the comfort of each family, the hotel manager usually accommodates each family with personal touches and specifications hence a customized family destination for travelers.

Four Seasons Aviara, California

This is a unique travelers’ destination which has various locations, diverse programmers, and facilities for kids, teenagers, toddlers, tweens, and families with babies. Travelers can make advance arrangements for meals with different specifications, and tour to nearby sea world and Lego land. During the afternoons, family walks around the conservancy to learn a lot about the endangered species and their conservation. Post lunch activities in the resort may include the kids’ soccer, kickball, Frisbee and kite flying. Kids will enjoy a lot.

Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton

The inn at Palmetto is home to the famous two multi-tiered house on a tree compounded with a lot of fishing activities. The resort staff can arrange for the family fishing, canoeing, crabbing, horse riding, kayaking, and shrimping. Accommodations at the resort are always customized to suite the family needs and sizes. To save on cost, families can be allocated rooms with kitchenettes supporting up to 3 to 5 family members. The resort is suitable for families who wish to enjoy fishing activities for the time they are on holiday. If you’re still unsure, consider family holidays with Mahlatini.com to make your travel plans with the kids, that little bit less stressful!

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