5 Fascinating Faces of Tokyo

January 26, 2015 Updated: January 26, 2015

Although my time in Tokyo was short, I was still able to experience several unique aspects of the city. It almost felt like a sneak peek though because as soon as I touched down in New York City I was ready to turn back around.

Like most international hubs, there are so many different ways to tour Tokyo and this post is aimed at five: architecture, avant-garde art, cuisine nature and nightlife. I could have kept going but I figured it was best to stick to the areas I explored myself. Whether you’re interested in cultural travel or simply in search of a quiet city break, this boho guide should help get your started.


(Megan Eileen McDonough, Bohemian Trails)
(Megan Eileen McDonough, Bohemian Trails)

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Tokyo architecture because it’s literally everywhere. Tokyo Tower is pretty hard to miss and while it’s not exactly Paris, it’s certainly impressive. Built in 1958 and reaching 1,093 feet in the air, the tower offers a 360-degree view of the city. I also enjoyed visiting the Asakusa Kannon Temple, which happens to be one of Tokyo’s top touristic attractions so you’ll probably find yourself here sooner or later.

The next time I’m in Tokyo I’d like to see St. Mary’s Cathedral’s stainless-steel exterior, the Nakagin Capsule Tower, the Golden Gai Bar District and the edo-era architectural style of Fumiko Hayashi Memorial Hall. For more ideas, The Guardian has a good compilation of must-see buildings and monuments.

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Avant-Garde Art

(Megan Eileen McDonough, Bohemian Trails)
(Megan Eileen McDonough, Bohemian Trails)

One of my favorite hidden art hubs in Tokyo is 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan. The art space is located under the elevated part of Okachimachi Station and it’s also close to the Suehiro-cho Station on the Ginza Line.

This was the last place I visited while in Tokyo and I wish it had been the first. It wasn’t until stopping through 2k540 that I really felt connected to this city. I was so inspired by all of the local designers and craft artisans that set up shop here. You can buy everything from leather bags and wooden figurines and the prices are reasonable. There was even one store that sold clothing made from eco-friendly materials with built-in SPF.

Aside from this artisan space, there are many museums and galleries to choose from including The Museum of Contemporary Art and The National Museum of Modern Art. I’d also recommend walking through Akihabara, a neighborhood known for its futuristic tech shops and comic book stores. It’s such a sensory overload that it’s almost as if you’re part of a living exhibition.


(Megan Eileen McDonough, Bohemian Trails)
(Megan Eileen McDonough, Bohemian Trails)

I ate a few authentic meals while in Tokyo but my favorite foodie experience was wandering through the famous fish market. I arrived around 9am and it was already bustling with people shopping or selling fresh seafood. Even though I’m not generally a huge fan of crowds, there is enough space to walk around that it doesn’t feel too confined. The outer market sells household items and offers food samples while the inner market is where you’ll see lots of fish. I sampled a little bit of everything and would have waited in one of the restaurant lines if I had more time.

As far as fine dining goes, I had a tofu feast at Shiba Tofuya Ukai, a restaurant located right next to Tokyo Tower. Before even sitting down at our table, I walked through their private charming Japanese garden for a few minutes. It was the ultimate city escape and the staff also gave our group a mini tour of the property. The restaurant is made up of several dining rooms that all overlook the garden.

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