5 Experiences Not to Miss in Jamaica’s Ocho Rios

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Ocho Rios is located on the north coast of Jamaica, in the parish of St Ann, known as the garden parish due to its lush landscape. It’s a beautiful part of the island but, as with all things of beauty, it’s become a popular resort destination. So how about escaping the comfy resort, the pool side cocktails, and venturing off to enjoy the real Ocho Rios? Here are the 5 experiences you cannot miss during your stay:

1. Blue Hole waterfall

Jamaica via Shutterstock*
Jamaica via Shutterstock*

This pristine waterfall is one of the most iconic destinations in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. A popular swimming hole, Blue Hole has rope swings for the adventurous and smooth cliffs for sunbathing. Located in the parish of St. Mary, the area isn’t easy to find and does require light hiking. Visitors can enlist the help of locals who serve as area guides to trek to the top of the waterfall.

2. White River tubing

Enjoy a 3-mile drift down a winding, spring-fed river that offers equal doses of excitement and relaxation at White River. Most of the journey is smooth, easy sailing, with a few rapids near the end of the river path. Travelers can take in the stunning foliage during the 45-minute tour or learn more about Jamaica’s history from knowledgeable tour guides floating along with groups in their own bottomed inner tubes.

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*Image of Jamaica via Shutterstock

*Image of the river in Ocho Rios town, Jamaica via Shutterstock

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