5 Delicious Brazilian Foods You Have to Taste During This World Cup

June 19, 2014 Updated: June 19, 2014

By this time in the World Cup Competition, you probably know each of Brazil’s stadiums. Here are 5 delicious Brazilian foods that you have to try.

5. Coxinhas

Deliciously fried, stuffed with chicken and onion, these croquettes are molded to resemble a chicken leg. They are the the perfect item on the menu for those who like a crunch in their mouth.

Here is the recipe:


4. Pastel ‘Original Calzone’

These pastries are stuffed with many different ingredients such as cheese or meat. The pastel is a fast-food item that’s everyone’s favorite snack, especially for this year’s games.

Here is the recipe:


3. Moqueca de Camarao

Shrimp, coconut milk, and coriander make up this traditional stew. Other ingredients may be included, such as swordfish.

Here is the recipe:


2. Beijinhos de Coco ‘Little Coconut Kisses’

These chewy treats are made with butter, coconut, and cloves. They are usually served at parties for dessert. Perfect for kids!

Here’s the recipe:


1. Feijoada ‘Meat Stew With Black Beans’

This is considered the typical dish for most in Brazil. This stew is very nutritious and is made with tender pork and beans, and when cooked correctly it could taste absolutely delicious.

Here’s the recipe:


So how about spending your time watching the game with these foods?