4-Year-Old Super Designer Lands Gig with J.Crew

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“J-crew is teaming up with a new designer for a summer 2015 collection.

What makes her so special?

Well to start, she’s only 4 years old.

Where do you get these ideas from?”

My head,” says Sydney Keiser.

Sydney Keiser began designing outfits when she was three years old after her mom, Angie, had her make a construction paper dress as an arts and craft project.

“The creativity and ingenuity that poured out of her the more I encouraged her self-expression was pretty amazing to see,” Angie told Cincinnati Magazine back in March.

Angie showcases her daughter’s designs, which are mostly made out of paper, on her Instagram account.

More than 448,000 people follow the account, all wanting to see what Sydney will dream of next.

Angie almost didn’t believe it when J-crew’s executive creative director Jenna Lyons emailed her earlier this year, expressing interest in working with Sydney.

“I remember reading  the email and being certain it was all a set up. As in, its probably some kind of wicked virus that if i reply to it, my laptop will explode or at the very least melt before my eyes,” she wrote on her blog Fashion by Mayhem.

“Mayhem” is a news nickname.

Despite the hesitation, Sydney and her family flew out to New York to meet with Lyons, and J.Crew officially announced the collaboration last week on social media, writing,

“The designer of our next #crewcuts collaboration? 4-year-old fashion blogger and paper dress maker, Mayhem…”

The clothing company wrote on its blog that it’s been busy transforming Sydney’s paper creations into a wearable kidsline.

Working with Sydney is a departure for the brand, which up until now has joined forces with some pretty big name designers.

This past fall, J.Crew teamed up with Joseph Altuzarra for a limited seven-piece collection. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he recently collaborated with Target as well.

It’s also currently working with high-end British shoe designer Sophia Webster.

Sydney’s kid collection will likely hit stores next summer.

To get the inside scoop on the girl who’s likely the world’s youngest fashion designer, head on over to J.Crews’ website.”


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