4-Year-Old Girl With Cancer Gives Dad a Hug After Being 7 Weeks Apart in a Tear-Jerking Video

July 17, 2020 Updated: July 17, 2020

An emotional video has captured the tear-jerking moment when a 4-year-old cancer-stricken girl gives her father a hearty hug after spending seven long weeks apart due to the pandemic.

On May 6, Mila Sneddon, from Falkirk, Scotland, was surprised when her father, Scott, 50, came into the kitchen and gave her a heartfelt embrace.

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“We didn’t tell Mila her daddy was coming back to stay, she thought he was just coming to visit through the window as normal but he surprised her and said “I can come in,” mom Lynda told Caters News Agency.

In March, Scott, a service engineer, moved into Lynda’s parents’ home, as he was still working despite the lockdown and wanted to keep his little girl safe since she was undergoing chemotherapy. The treatment meant she would have a weakened immune system.

However, for the days that followed, the doting dad would visit Mila through the window, giving her kisses and air hugs. The two would also talk over FaceTime and through the phone.

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“When he first came, Mila was confused and asked ‘why can’t daddy come in?’ which upset us both,” Lynda said, according to The Dailymail. But when the couple explained to the little girl that they needed to keep her healthy and help her ward off any germs, she understood that it was in the best interest.

On March 20, Lynda shared a touching photo of the father-daughter duo as they were separated by glass, along with a thought-provoking post on Facebook highlighting the importance of social distancing. The post quickly went viral garnering more than 50,000 reactions.

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Mila giving a kiss to her dad through the glass. (Caters News)

At the end of April, Scott was furloughed by his employers. He spent some time in self-isolation before he was given an all clear to move back with his daughter. Although the little girl was initially reserved and cautious according to Lynda, she nonetheless was ecstatic upon seeing her father, who assured her it was safe to give him a real hug on their day of reunion.

“Mila leapt on him and wrapped her legs around him like a monkey, holding onto him for a long time—she got very emotional and we both had a lump in our throats,” the mother told Caters News Agency, according to The Metro.

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The courageous girl even took time off from her dog as she wanted to play with her dad. For Lynda too, her husband and other daughter Jodi coming back home was a piece of good news. Lynda said that with her husband coming home, he could assist her to take Mila for hospital treatments as she was slated to begin a new regime shortly after the reunion with her father.

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According to The Dailymail, Mila’s family received the devastating news that their toddler was diagnosed with leukemia in November 2019 after she was found sleeping a lot.

Lynda said a week prior to her shocking diagnosis, the little girl was seen happily dancing at her dad’s party and didn’t seem to show any sinister symptoms. However, when the family found out that Mila was sleeping a lot after nursery, they assumed that she might be suffering from anemia and took her to the doctors.

“It all happened so fast and we were quickly absorbed into a new world full of surreal experiences and it has been auto-pilot ever since,” Lynda said.

However, now having her entire family back, it seems like the little girl can’t be happier.

Watch the video:


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