Four Remote and Unique Places to Stay on Your Vacation

May 25, 2015 Updated: May 26, 2015

When traveling, checking in a hotel is the most logical thing to do, but you can actually go beyond that and look for something else in your hotel room which goes beyond great accommodations, delicious food, cleanliness, accessibility, and connectivity. Uniqueness should also be part of the criteria especially when you are bored with all those monotonous hotel rooms. Indeed, it would be nice to travel somewhere foreign, discover something new, and experience an entirely different thing from what you usually do. Here are some of the most unusual hotels that will make you curious enough to book a room and visit the place where it is located:

Mihir Garh, Rajasthan, India

If you want to be in a real desert oasis, this hotel is the perfect place to escape to as it happens to look just like a magical structure in the middle of a barren land. Nestled in Thar Desert which is located near Jodhpur, the place looks like a sandcastle and it took two years for the building to be completed. The owner sees this place as a dream come true hence there are only nine suites here as the creation goes beyond commercial considerations. Almost everything here is custom made and the structure reflects the landscape in a really aesthetic way, making it a fantasy land.

Thonga Beach Lodge, iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa

After a busy day of hopping from one beach to another and spotting whales, it is just fitting to have a luxurious place to go home to. This place is rather remote and it is inside the Unesco World Heritage wetland park. Scattered through the dune forest, you will have an awesome view of the Indian Ocean and at the same time, enjoy the combined African and New Yorker trimmings. Going for a dive or canoeing are just two of the favorite activities in this place and for those who love to eat seafood, this place is definitely heaven as you can enjoy fresh fare from the lodge’s kitchen. Going on the walking tour is also a must as you can find a lot of interested things here.

Cradle Mountain Lodge, Tasmania, Australia

Another place where you will not expect to see a really awesome place to stay is in the mountains. Located in the middle of a private bushland, you will experience how it is like to stay at the heart of a wilderness in Tasmania. The restaurant in this place is also awesome and almost everything in the menu is made locally and the five-star services would definitely spoil you. There is also an outdoor hot tub and you can take long walks in the national park.

Qasr Al Sarab, UAE

Another desert mirage that would surely leave you in awe is this place which is in the edge of the desert in the Empty Quarter. There are crenellated walls which will remind you of a fortress. While you are inside the place, you will surely feel as if you have been transported into the story of the Arabian Nights. The interior design comes complete with sumptuous fabrics and there are metalworks, wooden doors, and Islamic designs. There are also several resort activities that you can do while here including a trek down the dunes, a camel, or dune bash and you can also go for henna tattoos. There is so much adventure here that you will surely find yourself loving the place.

While you are inside the place, you will surely feel as if you have been transported into the story of the Arabian Nights.

Finding the best accommodations in the most unlikely places is definitely a wonderful surprise. There are a lot of cool places all around the world where you can enjoy a vacation someplace remote or an area which is quite far from civilization. You would surely find a good place to spend your holiday in and at the same time, avoid the crowd.

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